Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pork Belly from Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine for #FoodPornFriday

This mouth watering #FoodPornFriday picture comes from Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine.

Tropical Hut is hidden away downtown. The address is technically 618 Goyeau but you can't actually see it form Goyeau. You can see it from Wyandotte, and it's right across from the Detroit Windsor Tunnel entrance. Tucked in behind Cash Converters and Capri Pizza.

We first tried Tropical Hut as part of one of WindsorEats events. I think it was Winter Bites, It was one of those deals where you pay one price and pick three courses off a limited menu. What you see here is my entree which was fried Pork Belly. To be honest, I'm not sure it's even on the regular menu. 

What I thought was very cool about Tropical Hut is that it wasn't like any other Asian restaurants. It wasn't trying to be all of Asia on one menu and didn't include those same menu items it seems you find at every Asian restaurant no matter what style of food they claim to be serving. Everything here is home cooked Filipino food.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Today's #FoodPornFriday is A Dog's Breakfast

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen a cropped version of this #FoodPornFriday picture. This amazing breakfast is the Sausage Wrap from A Dog's Breakfast.

A Dog's Breakfast is a new place that only recently opened up on Maiden Lane downtown at the previous location of Matryoshka which I reviewed back in 2014. It's a breakfast brunch place that looks like it may also sell hot dogs. I say may because every time we've been there they only have a partial menu.

My new favourite thing to do on a Saturday is to go downtown and hit the Downtown Windsor Farmer's Market and then after browsing the stalls at the Market hit up A Dog's Breakfast with my wife and kids. Every single time I order the same thing, what you see here: The Sausage Wrap.

This is a Robbie's Sausage (the best in the city) wrapped in puffed pastry with candied apples and some form of salad that even I liked. Along with it (and all other breakfasts) you get some amazing chorizo hash. My only complaint is that I wish you got a lot more hash. Though I have to admit seeing portions that aren't so big even I can't finish them is a nice change of pace. 

So next time you are downtown, especially if you are hitting up the market on Saturday stop in to A Dog's Breakfast. You won't be disappointed. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Lamb Shank from Rino's Kitchen #FoodPornFriday

This lamb shank tasted way better than it looks and that's saying something. Welcome to #FoodPornFriday 

 This comes from Rino's Kitchen & Ale House one of my favourite spots in the city, though we don't go there that often. My wife and I have been visiting their location at 131 Elliot Street downtown for many years. We used to frequent The Nesbit Inn back in our University days and it's great to see this classic building still serving great food.

In addition to awesome food Rino's also offers a great selection of Ontario and Quebec craft beers. Their back yard and patio is fantastic and it's worth going this time of year just to sit outside and have a few pints.

The one problem with a place this good is that everyone knows it's this good, so make sure you call ahead if you want to be sure to get seats.

Friday, June 3, 2016

#FoodPornFriday If you live in Windsor you've probably eaten one of these

I wonder how many people from Windsor can tell me where this #FoodPornFriday picture is from?

Did you guess Malic's? Then you would be right. Malic's is a Windsor staple. This small Delicatessen has been in Windsor longer than I have, and I've lived here my whole life. I would guess way longer than I have. I also have a feeling that very little has changed at Malic's in all that time. The place just looks and feels like an old school deli and that's exactly what it is.

Malic's is known for their Corned Beef sandwiches and for a good reason. They have amazing Corned Beef. In addition they do an amazing Montreal Smoked Meat. Actually I doubt they do anything bad. You don't get to stay around in this town for that long serving bad food. In addition to fresh made food they also have a traditional deli counter where you can get some of their awesome meats to go.

If you live in Windsor and haven't been to Malic's, you have got to check it out at some point. If you have been there, don't you think it's time you went back?