Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sushi California - a guest post on Eyes on Windsor

I'm very pleased to announce that my first ever guest food blog post is now live on Eyes on Windsor. Eyes On Windsor is a local website hoping to become a complete guide to restaurants, entertainment, attractions, bars and night clubs, wineries, fun stuff to do, accommodations, and more in Windsor Ontario and Essex County. You should go check it out:

Very shortly after I launched Big Dude Likes Food I was contacted by +Eric Bonnici, the mastermind behind Eyes on Windsor. I seriously only had one post up and it was a rant about a bad experience at the Crave Grill. Talk about being on the pulse of the city, I have no idea exactly how Eric found me that quickly but he must have liked what he saw. He contacted me right away and almost immediately asked me to write something for him on Eyes on Windsor.

How could I refuse? Here I am with my first ever food blog post getting the attention of one of Windsor's hippest online news sources. I know my wife has been telling me I should be doing this whole blog/writing thing for a while now, but well, she's my wife. She's supposed to be supportive, I'm pretty sure it's part of the deal. So it was awesome getting some outside justification for this journey I was about to take. I truly have to thank Eric for his early praise as it's one of the main things that made me keep up this blog.

So the guest post itself. It took me a bit to settle on something to send to Eric and Eyes on Windsor. My initial plan was to do a write up on Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant downtown. My wife and I even went there twice specifically with me planning on taking pictures and blogging about it. Both times though something went foul. The pictures didn't turn out. I totally forgot to grab a menu. I forgot to get a picture of the place from the outside. For whatever reason it just wasn't meant to be. Now Eric was in no hurry, but I felt bad that I kept putting off giving him a post.

Then yesterday I completed a write up of The Sushi California. When I started it I had no idea it was going to be the post for Eric. I was just writing up my final follow up post to the Birthday Vacation in Windsor post. When I was done writing it though I read it over. I had a very solid post on my hands (well at least I thought so). It told a story. It was human. It showed off a night of both joy and frustration. It mentioned a slew of great local resistant and it tied back to not one but two of my previous blog posts. So it seemed perfect for a guest post.

Okay this was meant to be a short intro to my guest post. I guess it turned into a bit more than that. Once you get me typing I find it hard to stop. I'm good though, it's out of my system. So here you have it: A happy mistake that led us to The Sushi California, my first every guest post over at an amazing local online resource: Eyes on Windsor.