Saturday, June 29, 2013

#FoodPornFriday #FpF - lunch from the European Market on Walker

Yeah, yeah I know. I'm a day late. My work schedule has me all thrown off. I had to work today, a Saturday which is unusual, in addition I have Monday off for Canada Day, this had me thinking that tomorrow and the next day were a regular weekend.

Anyroad: this is the lunch I picked up today at work. I drove over to 1390 Walker to the European Market. This is an amazing place with an insane amount of stuff you can usually only get in Europe. It's not just food items either. They have magazines, newspapers and movies as well. One of my favourite parts though is the hot food counter. Here you can get all kinds of stuff. Schnitzel, dumplings, pork hocks, crepes and more. My personal favourite is what you see below: Cheese and Potato Perogies and Sausage served on sweet cabbage.

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