Thursday, January 16, 2014

#FoodPornFriday - Shish Tawook from Sarai for #WinterBites

This week is Winter Bites week here in Windsor. This is an awesome week long culinary event put on by WindsorEats. If you've been following this blog since the beginning you may remember that my first ever post was exactly 1 year ago today and it was also a Winter Bites post. Thankfully my experience this year was way better than last year.

The plan tonight was to hit Thai Palace. We tried and it didn't work. The place was packed. We had to park in an adjacent lot just to get to the place and when we got in we were told there would be an extensive wait. With kids in tow (never good for a long wait) we headed out the door.

This ended up being quite fortuitous as we drove all the way across town and arrived at Sarai Restaurant and Lounge. This is a new place that opened near the end of last year. They have billboards all over the city that are somewhat pointless. All they say is: Sarai. That's it. No location. No showing what food they have. Nothing. I don't get it. Though I guess they worked a bit as I was curious as to exactly what this new place was.

Due to them participating in Winter Bites I knew that they were yet another Mediterranean restaurant. Windsor is full of these. Seriously. They are getting to be more ubiquitous than Tim Horton's. I figure the Winter Bites deal wass a great time to give this place a chance, which is why we took the long drive.

So glad we did. Fantastic food. Amazing food. Possibly the best Lebanese food I've had in all of Windsor (did I mention we have a lot around town)? What you see up top there in all it's drool worthy glory is my Shish Tawook. It was so good!

There's only a couple days left in this year's Winter Bites. You really should take the chance to try somewhere new. We personally hit up the Honey Badger Bistro on Monday and we have plans to check out Foia tomorrow.

Oh yeah. It's also #FoodPornFriday - thought that was good timing with food that looks as good as this. As usual it would be cool if you linked up below and joined in on the fun. For the more bashful of you, you can use #FoodPicFriday and I won't make fun of you:


  1. Mmm, I love lebanese food! This looks great! Also excited to link up to your #FoodPornFriday, what a delicious idea:-)

    1. Wow. I don't normally do vegetarian (as I'm sure is kind of obvious at this point) but those pasta dishes you linked up look amazing!

      Thanks for joining in. I would love to see this become more of a thing.

  2. I thought the same when I saw the billboards for Sarai - a website address and no other info - weird!
    I meant to check out Windsor Eats but ... forgot. May not get there this year but will remember for next. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. You've still got two more days for Winter Bites! :D

      I was really hoping to make it out for more. I really dig the event and try to participate every year. We always use it as a chance to try new places.

      During the summer there's a pretty much identical event called Eat Your City. It usually has a lot more participating restaurants.