Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's been a while since I mentioned beer

It's been a long time since I've shared some of my recent beer tastings. This is something I intended to do more often when I launched the blog. That's something I hope to get back to starting today.

Here's some of the most recent new beers I've tried. Note these are new to me, not necessarily new beers. One of these is an Ontario Craft Beer. Windsor Essex is turning into a hotbed of craft beer activity. WindsorEats recently posted an article where they note that as many as 7 new breweries may be opening in the area.

The reviews:

For this post I'm going to feature some great draft beers that you can get locally. I'm one of those people that would much rather be drinking freshly poured draft beer over anything out of a bottle.

Note all of these are written live as I'm drinking the beers. Usually on my iPod. So grammar spelling and autocorrect sometimes get in the way, as does previously reviewed beers that night ;)

Sam Adams Cold Snap - They currently have this on draft at Rock Bottom Bar & Grill. If you haven't been there and you enjoy a good beer now and then I seriously suggest you check the place out. They have the most beers on draft in the city and a huge amount of awesome Ontario Craft Beers (Though note that this isn't actually an Ontario beer). They always use appropriate glassware which is something I appreciate.  

Very hazy orange pour in an awesome glass. Check out that glass.

Weak scent overpowered by the scent of chicken wings. What an odd beer. Very not beer like. Lots of odd spices. Reminds me of a hard cider. Or maybe a mulled wine. Very unique. Very drinkable. Love the aftertaste.

Wasn't expecting much but really like this.

Big Rock Saaz Republic Pilz - You can get this one out in Kingsville at Jack's Gastropub. Another great place for good beer. They have an Ontario Craft Beer menu that is dropped off on the table for every set of guests.

Brownish red pour. A bit rusty. Clingy thick tan head. Weak scent, hoppy a bit grassy. Mouth is not nearly so subdued. Sweet start. Like a sweet European Pilsner but better. A touch of hops in the finish. Not too bitter. Easy to drink.

Unibroue Noire De Chambly - This is my last beer for today.

I'm a big fan of Blanche De Chambly from the same brewer and had no idea that they did a Noire until we saw the draft menu at Jack's last weekend. Yep this one is also available on draft out in Kingsville.

My wife was the one that ordered this while I got the Saaz mentioned above. Thus the picture of a partially finished beer. They didn't serve it
like that.

Very dark black pour as expected. Pretty much no head. Distinct smell I cannot place. Thick, with low carbonation. Very thick. Stout like. Nutty and fruity. Raisins, plumbs and more. Lots of different fruits.

Its okay. Not great, but in no way bad.

If you want to see more of these beer reviews from me, I post all of my reviews on my +Big Dude Likes Food Google Plus account. You should circle me over there, then you won't miss any of this beer snobbery.

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