Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today's #FoodPornFriday post comes from Russia, right here in Windsor

There was a Groupon out recently for a new place in town called Matryoshka the Taste of Russia. I'm of Ukrainian descent and for the very early years of my life I ate a lot of Ukrainian food. Things like Pirogi, Cabbage Rolls, lots of beats and even Borscht soup. These foods are still comfort foods for me and probably always will be. So after checking out the menu on their facebook page, I just had to try Matryoshka.

I made sure to bring my parents as they were obviously a big part of those early memories and I thought my Dad especially would like some food like his mom used to make.

The place is small, right off of Maiden Lane downtown. There is only one staff member, or at least there was only one when we were there. She sat us, took our order, brought us our drinks and cooked our meals. From scratch. Seriously from scratch. Like she made the dough for the Pirogi while we were waiting. It was somewhat odd and took a very long time (which wasn't so hot with the kids) but the food was rather good.

I haven't had fresh made Pirogi like this in years. Sure I can get 'fresh' ones from the European Deli on Walker but they aren't fresh like this. I just had to share these for #FoodPornFriday

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