Friday, May 9, 2014

I bought cheese on the Internet for #FoodPornFriday

A little while back a good online friend of mine, +Brad Murray, posted a picture on google+ of some cheese he was snaking on. It was posted with this comment:
"I am eating smoked Turkish string cheese with beer, just as they do in Russian bars."
Cheese meant to be eaten along with beer that looked really damn good. I just had to find out more. So I asked about it and Brad pointed me to a wiki article. This one: and a site where I could buy the cheese online:

Ends up the whole thing was a kickstarter last year. A US company was trying to recreate an experience they tried when in Europe. The kickstarter did rather well and the company was founded. This eventually let to me ordering cheese over the internet.

Here is one braid of Chechil cheese all torn apart with a Brooklyn Octoberfest to accompany it. Really, Chechil was made to go with a pilsner but I didn't have any in the house. The cheese is very salty with a nice smoked aftertaste. It's a bit chewy and really needs to be pulled into strings like this. It's squeaky too. I so love squeaky cheese. The entire taste is actually a bit overpowering until you take a swig of beer. That somehow resets the pallet and has you craving more. Of course the salty taste of the cheese makes you want more beer. It's a bit of a viscous circle and I can totally see why a bar would put this out instead of say peanuts like you see here.

I got an email yesterday showing that they have something new on Kickstarter: Chechil Cheese Bites. These are little balls of cheese, that actually look a lot like peanuts. I have to admit I'm very tempted to try this as well.

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