Friday, June 6, 2014

This weeks #FoodPornFriday comes from last Friday at Sam's Pizzeria

Last weekend was the North American Sport & Hobby Expo. Friday night after load out, my wife and I were exhausted. It felt like we had just moved house. To me moving house, or at least helping someone move house means pizza & beer. So when we finished for the day I had a huge craving for Windsor Style Pizza and a pitcher of beer.

After talking about it for quite sometime we decided that the best place to get the experience I wanted was Sam's Pizzeria way out on the west end. While it was a rather long drive from the WFCU center, it was so good. It was exactly what I wanted.

Every Friday is #FoodPornFriday at the Big Dude's abode. You are welcome to join in, just use the linky below. Heck I'll even let you use #FoodPicFriday if you really want.

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