Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where can you get the best poutine in Windsor?

The title there: "Where can you get the best poutine in Windsor?" is a legitimate question I want an answer to. I really want to know where to get the best poutine in Windsor.

The best I have found so far (and pictured here on this post) comes from Simon's Prime Hamburgers. I hear that Simon's started in Chatham and expanded to Windsor. The one that's downtown has been there for a few years and is a favourite of the 'after bar crowd.' I'll admit I've never tried that location. It's been many years since I've been part of any bar crowd, especially the one that's looking for greasy food after the bar.

A new Simon's opened fairly recently on Tecumseh Rd. East at Central. This is very close to work for me and has since become a favourite lunch stop. At first I stuck to their burgers (which are damn good) but eventually I tried their poutine. I stuck to the traditional poutine the first time and oh man it was good.

The cheese curds squeaked! That was one of the best parts. I think you have to be a certain kind of cheese fan to know that squeaky cheese is one of the best things on this earth. Simon's uses the right kind of curds, squeaky curds.

A few weeks later (yes it had to be weeks, Simon's poutine isn't an every day food, even for a Big Dude like me), upon the recommendation of some co-workers I tried the Cheddar and Bacon Poutine. There's a picture of this beauty at the top of the page. Just look at that.

The Cheddar Bacon Poutine was one of the best tasting things I've ever eaten. It was so good. Simon's regular poutine is good, but this was amazing. This was by far the best poutine I've had in Windsor.

Have you had Simon's Prime Hamburgers poutine? What did you think? Have you had anywhere better? Let me know in the comment section or contact me on social media. If there's something better out there I need to know!

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  1. Love me some Simons poutine. Usually just the normal, but tried the Montreal Smoked with dill cheese, which was pretty good. Went to that poutinerie downtown once but wasn't impressed at all.