Friday, July 10, 2015

#FoodPornFriday is back with a Toad in the Hole from The Early Bird

It's back. #FoodPornFriday is back! No clue if I'll be able to keep this up with my current work schedule but I'm going to try.

This beauty is the most unique Toad in a Hole I've ever seen. It was what my wife ordered when we checked out The Early Bird in London Ontario last weekend. Normally a Toad in the Hole is just a piece of toast with a circle cut out of it and an egg fried in that hole. Not this one.

The Early Bird's Toad in a hold is a Fresh egg fried in a toast ring, thick sliced tomato, pan seared with garlic and herbs, organic pea tenders, baby arugula, chevre cheese and crisp avocado tempura.

Not really my kind of food but I had to admit it looked impressive. My wife said it was one of the best breakfast meals she's ever had.


  1. Interesting take on Toad in the Hole. I forwarded your email to my family in London, maybe they will try this restaurant. Why didn't you tell us what you chose?

    1. I did, in my last blog post.

    2. I did, in my last blog post.