Friday, May 4, 2018

#FoodPornFriday - No need to cross the border for Detroit Style Coney Dogs

Have I mentioned The Sushi Effect before? Just in case I haven't, here is an explanation:

I do not like fish. The only form of fish I would eat is canned Tuna. Not a fan of salmon. Don't like Fish & Chips. All you can eat Perch makes my stomach turn. I'm also not much of a veggie fan. Cucumbers, nope. Avacado, hell no. Eggplant, that's that thing odd people get instead of veal at Italian restaurants. Ginger, not even in my beer. Then there's seaweed, I am not a fan of seaweed. But, if you put all those things together, I'm in love. I friggin' love sushi. Sushi is up there with Pizza and Panzerotto in my food hierarchy. I don't like, and in some cases can't stand, the individual ingredients but somehow you put them all together and it's magic.

Well, today's #FoodPornFriday post features another case of The Sushi Effect. This time it's Detroit style Coney dogs now offered by The Windsor Sandwich Shop on weekends only. 

I dig hot dogs. Not something I eat all the time, but solid comfort food. I like specific things on my dog though: ketchup and relish. If I can get it I'll also toss on cheese and bacon. But that's it. One toping I cannot stand: Mustard. I'll return a hotdog if someone puts mustard on it. Know what else I really don't like on hotdogs? Onions. Onions are a food that should only be eaten when cooked. Preferably deep fried in ring form. Never chopped on top of anything, like a burger or a hotdog.

This pic from The Windsor Sandwich Shop Facebook Page
used with permission. 
So when the new manager at The Windsor Sandwich Shop proudly announced he was bringing Detroit Style Coneys to Windsor I wasn't all that excited. But man, all my friends sure were. My facebook feed that first Friday was filled with people sharing pictures of their Coney Dogs. Lots and lots of positive comments. They sold out in hours. 

I had to find out what the big deal was about. So the next monthly board game night (2nd Saturday of every month), I just had to try a Coney dog. I still didn't trust it, so I ordered my usual hot dog as well (with the ketchup, relish, cheese and, bacon). I'm sure you can see where this is going. The Sushi Effect was in full, well, effect. Here were a bunch of toppings I can't stand combined on a hotdog and it was delicious. 

Now I do have to admit, I've never actually had a Detroit Style Coney Dog before so I can't speak to how well this dog compares to a dog bought over the border. My social media feed seems to think they are at least as good. 

I mentioned it above but it's worth noting again. You can only get these Detroit Style Coneys on weekends. The Windsor Sandwich Shop starts selling them on Friday and they sell them until they run out, which could happen Friday night or they may make it into Saturday. As word spreads, they seem to be selling out quicker and quicker. There's even a special on right now: 2 Coneys + side + pop for $7.99 + tax.

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