Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Keurig K-Cup Review - Folgers Classic Roast

The local Home Hardware has a fantastic selection of K-Cups. For a while now I've been meaning to go in there and buy a bunch of individual cups in order to try all the flavours and see which ones I like the best. I finally picked up a handful today.

In order to track what I think of each of these I created an excel file. While working on that I had the thought that since I'm going to be basically reviewing each of these coffees, why not publish my reviews somewhere. So here we are.

Folgers Classic Roast

Scent: Wow does this coffee ever smell good. Not only that it filled the house with fresh coffee smell. Not fancy coffee smell, just good old fashioned regular coffee smell. 

I was reminded of those old commercials where you see various members of the family waking up to the smell of coffee, taking a deep breath in and smiling. Come to think of it those may have been commercials for Folgers (with flavour crystals).

Black: Unfortunately that amazing scent did not carry over to the taste. This coffee is way, way too bitter for me, at least black. It's also somewhat tart. The bitterness lingers and sticks in the back of your throat. I can still taste it minutes after taking a drink.

With Milk and Sugar: Not much better. More drinkable to me, but now my coffee is watery. It's like all the actual coffee flavour is washed away and all that's left is that bitter aftertaste. Yes even with milk and suggest that lingering nastiness is still there.

Verdict: Not for me, 

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