Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bubi's - the Food Network is right: you gotta eat here!

I've been waiting patiently for the weather to warm up so that I could go have one of my favourite dinning experiences in the city. Sitting on the patio at Bubi's Awesome Eats with my family, a pitcher of Barking Squirrel Lager and a Bill's Big Boy sandwich.

Bubi's is a well known for great food here in Windsor. They've been around for 26 years and have always had a reputation for their huge portions and garlicky food. Actually the garlicky part is pretty much their staple. Everything is made with garlic or garlic butter and pretty much every dish comes with this amazing stuff called Bubi's sauce. A mayo based garlic sauce.

This place is good enough it was featured on the Food Network Series: You Gotta Eat Here! They actually show the head cook making a huge vat of Bubi's sauce. Check it out:

Physically Bubi's is one of the most inviting places in the city. It's a converted house that still feels like a home. The entire place screams casual. Come in, relax and let us cook something up for you. There's a bar section and two different levels of dining area. Outside is one of the best patios in the city. The place is well spaced out and manages to pack 'em in without feeling crowded.

Chicken Club Salad

The menu at Bubi's has a huge mix of items but mainly features large portion sandwiches and burgers. There's a bunch of appetizers with portions so big that even our family of 6 has seconds. Every time we go we get a large order of Mozza Cheez Sticks to dip in that amazing Bubi's sauce. The menu also features Tex-Mex, salads, sammies (sandwiches), 1/3 pound burgers, wraps and folds, stir fries and even a selection of international picks like some of the best Cevapi in the city.. Bubi's is also known for their frozen yogurt. Most menu items are in the $9-$15 range.

I can't talk about Bubi's without mentioning the Bunda's Big V8. One of the most unique items on the menu is an 8lbs, that's right EIGHT POUND burger! If you buy this you get a T-Shirt to go with it. If you finish it you win $1000. I have to admit I don't know anyone that has even tried.

My personal favourite thing to get at Bubi's is a "Sammie" called Bill's Big Boy. It's got chicken, bacon, black forest ham & gyros meat, stacked on gar-licked rye, with Bubi's sauce, lettuce & tomato, topped with cheddar cheese. It comes with wedge fries, soup or salad and is only $14.99!

Bill's Big Boy
In addition to great food Bubi's also has one of the better beer selections in the city that often feature lesser known Ontario Craft Brewers. I'm personally hooked on Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager and there's nothing better than sitting back with my Dad and enjoying a pitcher on the patio.

Speaking of the patio, Bubi's has one of the nicest patios in the city. It runs the length of the building, had tons of room, a tree growing up through the middle of it and some really nice wrought iron rails. Metal mesh tables and chairs with lots of umbrellas for the sun finish it off. I don't know exactly what it is but I just love that patio.

Like the Food Network says: You Gotta Eat Here! Seriously, it's some of the best comfort food in the city.

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