Friday, May 17, 2013

Going to start something new: #FoodPornFriday #FpF

Lots of blogs out there do a one day a week picture post. The one I hear the most about is Wordless Wednesday. I didn't want to just jump on that band wagon though I wanted to do something that's a bit more specific to Big Dude Likes Food. I'm a sucker for foodporn. You know, pictures of food that you look at and you can't help but start drooling. Pics you see and you just want to reach into your monitor and eat that thing right now. The kind of posts that change what you are making for dinner or make you decide to call in for pizza.

So starting this week and continuing every Friday I'm going to do a FoodPornFriday post using the hashtags #FoodPornFriday and/or #FpF if I don't have enough room.

For my first post I'm choosing a pic I took while on vacation up in Toronto with my wife for our anniversary. These are New England Style Mussels: beer bacon, leeks, potatoes, smoked cheddar parsley, shallots, fin du monde & a touch of cream from Beer Bistro

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