Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amid the chaos we found time to try the Honey Badger Bistro

Honey Badger Bistro opened up in the Riverside area of Windsor earlier this year. I think it was back in September or so. We live in this area of town and since we saw them open my wife and I have noted we should stop in there sometime.

Time passed and one day while on the Big Dude Facebook page I found Honey Badger Bistro's Facebook Page. Looking at the pictures there and the menu I realized we really had to stop in there sometime. Sometime soon. Well that time finally hit last night.

There is a ton of stuff going on this week. I'm working 6 day weeks and the A Merry Comic Book Christmas Comic Con 2 is Sunday. My wife and I will be there as dealers selling retro toys. There's a ton of work to be done sorting, pricing and packing stuff for the show. Added to that, this is the busiest time of the year for my wife's Mommy Blog: Maple Leaf Mommy. She has a holiday gift guide she's putting out as well as dealing with all kinds of holiday offers and traffic.

Due to all this my wife decided she was not cooking this week. To this end we picked up a bunch of pre-made stuff from Remark Farms (amazing place) and we've eaten out or ordered in all of our meals over the last week. My mother in law surprised us by taking the kids away Friday night and letting them visit until after the comic show on Sunday. This left us kid free Friday night and with Honey Badger just down the street I thought it would be perfect for dinner. Nice and close, shouldn't take too long and we've wanted to try it for a while. Plus I like to try places without the kids first as not everywhere is totally kid friendly.

What a nice looking place! I've got to say it doesn't look like much on the outside. Their rather unique mascot is there on a bright yellow sign that really sticks out but overall the entire strip of stores in the area just looks a lot like many other strips of stores on Wyandotte. Inside though is really nice looking. Very comfy and cozy. It was also bigger than it looked from the street.

Santa's Little Helper
Having been drooling over their facebook page for a while now I knew exactly what I wanted to order. My wife though did not. On the chalkboard behind the bar was some holiday 'warm up' drink called Santa's Little Helper that I recommended to my wife. At first she declined but I told her she was supposed to be taking a break, so she relented. And she loved it. It was some kind of Khalua, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, candy cane thing and man did it look good. They had Walkerville on tap, something that I love seeing so I ordered a pint of that.

The service was great and our meals showed up very quickly. Possibly because we were one of two couples in there, but hey quick is quick. It was after 9pm. When the food came out the waitress did something rather awesome: when my wife finished her drink she was asked if she wanted another one. When declining the waitress then asked if she would just like it topped up with coffee. Nice eh?

Quebec City Meatloaf
So the food: it was great. Looked great, smelled great and tasted great. Just look at the menu. There's so much great sounding things on there. If we hadn't just recently eaten at Mamo Burger I probably would have gotten one of their burgers, instead I went for the Quebec City Meatloaf. This beauty is a bacon wrapped house made meatloaf topped with tomato demi, served with roasted garlic mashed and seasonal veggie. The garlic mashed were the best potatoes I think I've ever had. The veg was some really tasty brussel sprouts.  My wife ordered The Manhattan which is a hand packed burger, topped with pulled duck, a bourbon reduction with a sour cherry mash on top. Hers came with a side and she chose butternut squash soup. Other menu items are mostly in the $12-20 range with many items at the lower end of that scale. They also have weekly burger specials some of which have sounded fantastic.

The Manhattan
One of the things we noted while there is that they place did look like it would be good for kids. They have a kids menu where all items are $5 and I noticed high chairs in the small coat room.

The entire experience was very good. We topped the meal off with desert: Thee Layer Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake and the entire thing came to under $60 for the two of us. Note that was with alcoholic beverages and dessert. You can't really beat that for food this good. We will definitely be going back and we just might bring the little ones next time.


  1. How exciting, Guys. I, too have been longing to pop in. Maybe this summer if we're in the area... South Carolina is just too far away, sometimes. Good Job on this review. Did you know you were going to be blogged about?

    1. I don't think they knew I was going to be writing about them. I don't announce it.

      I've found the couple times we went to an event with the establishment knowing that we were coming that we got special treatment. While I enjoy special treatment I want my reviews to be unbiased. I want to go into a place as an everyman be treated as an everyman and give a review that highlight how the average Joe can expect a trip to the place to be.

      Now as the blog gets more popular I've found that I'm starting to get recognized more often, but I don't go out of my way to announce that I'm a blogger of that I may be doing a review of the places I'm at.