Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If you have a website keep it current!

Restaurateurs if you have a website keep it up to date!

Note that third word there, after Take Out.
The plan tonight was to make some Pizza Bombs (that seems to be what the web decided those pizza roll things I posted about a couple weeks ago should be called). My wife has a terrible ear infection and really isn't up to cooking, so this was my way of helping out. Unfortunately the cheese had gone bad.

I'm fighting a cold and didn't really feel like heading out to get ingredients (plus Galati cheese closes at 5 and it was 4:40 when I made this discovery. There's no way I'm making Pizza Bombs without Galati Mozarella), so we decided on ordering in.

I'm so sick of Chinese and pizza and the usual delivery. So I was looking for something different. I eventually remembered this all you can eat sushi place that's not too far away that does delivery, Tenka Sushi.

So my wife and I spent far too long trying to decide what to order. We get the kids involved and let them pick out rolls (yes my little girls eat sushi, actually they love it). All told all of this has taken about an hour. Between figuring out that the cheese is bad, brainstorming on where to get food from, setting on a place and then figuring out what we want. 

I call the number on Tenka's website. I let it ring 15 times. I wonder if I got the number wrong and I try again. This time after about 8 rings I'm talking to my wife saying "I wonder if they've closed?" when someone answers a few rings later. I tell the woman on the phone that I would like to place an order for delivery and she says "No!" I said "what?" and she said "No delivery, we never deliver" 

"Really? You should update your website then..." and I'm cut off.

"No delivery, we no deliver"

"Well thanks then, seriously though: update that website, bye"

This place has been around for several years now, so I'm pretty sure the Grand Opening menu on the "" wiki page that they have linked to host their menu should have been a good sign that things weren't going well, but I called anyway.

So now I've basically wasted an hour and still have nothing even ordered for dinner. 

Seriously people: if you have a website keep it up to date. I personally will never deal with Tenka again after this. 

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