Friday, February 7, 2014

#FoodPornFriday - Lunch at Mrs. Jones - #FPF

Mrs. Jones Cafe & Cheesecake Co. really deserves a full blog post (EDIT: that full blog post is live). It's somewhere I plan to write up about when I've got more time. This great little Cafe is right in the heart of Riverside and provides some of the best home made comfort food in the city. Added to that they make the most amazing cheesecake and other deserts.

What you see here is what I think is The Best egg salad sandwich in the city. It's a lemon dill egg salad that I've been trying to re-create at home with no luck (though I do say adding a bit of dill to any egg salad makes it better, I just haven't found the right mix).

Did you get any amazing food pictures this week? Care to join in the #FoodPornFriday fun? Then link up! 

1 comment:

  1. I have always loved a good egg salad sandwich. A bit of dill, eh? Definitely worth a try...and the soup looks hearty too!