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Mrs. Jones Cafe & Cheesecake Co. it's not just their egg salad that's the best in the city

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A couple weeks back as part of a #FoodPornFriday post I featured the amazing lunch I had at Mrs. Jones Cafe & Cheescake Co. 

At the time, I noted that Mrs. Jones (no, I'm not typing up the full name every time, I'm sure you know where I'm writing about) really deserved a full blog post. Well here you have that blog post.

Mrs. Jones is a rather small cafe located at 5880 Wyandotte Street East, in the heart of the Olde Riverside neighborhood here in Windsor. By rather small I mean tiny. The entire place only has 7 tables and 2 of those only seat 2 people. While this can be a problem actually getting a seat, it does lend itself to a very private, personal and comfortable atmosphere. 

The front 3/4 of the cafe is where all the seating is with the back 1/4 being the display area for all the tasty treats and the actual kitchen. The kitchen is right out in the open and you can tell Mrs. Jones has nothing to hide. Actually if you need to use the facilities you have to basically walk through the kitchen. This adds to the comfortable homey feeling that surrounds the place. It feels like you are just visiting the Jones house for a meal.

The menu (which doesn't seem to be hosted online anywhere) contains a bunch of comfort food. There's a focus on breakfast and lunch items but they do have a few dinner items as well. Though, if you want to go there for dinner, you will have to eat early as the latest they are open is 4pm. Along with the usual menu items there is always a quiche of the day, a phyllo wrap of the day and at least one soup of the day.

For breakfast I usually do a "make your own" omelet. I don't know what they do at Mrs. Jones that is different from other places but man do they make a good omelet. My personal favourite is mozzarella and crisp bacon.

Lunch is what I really love from Mrs. Jones. They have two special deals: the Mrs. Jones and the Mr. Jones. Both of these are flat priced combos. The Mrs. Jones lets you pick any sandwich, phyllo or quiche and pair it with soup or salad finished off with a fresh baked cookie. For a bit extra you can upgrade that cookie to a piece of cheesecake. The Mr. Jones is similar and I think it includes a pot pie in the combo or maybe a burger. I'm sorry but I don't actually remember and I always personally order a Mrs. Jones. Did I mention I can't find a menu online?

The reason I always order a Mrs. Jones special is because this place has the best egg salad I've ever had. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. It's a lemon dill egg salad which you can get on your choice of bread, toasted or not, with or without lettuce and tomato. I can't get enough of this sandwich. Actually if Mrs. Jones wasn't currently closed I think I know what I would be doing in about an hour from now.

My wife is a huge fan of the phyllo wraps and I can't remember the last time she ordered anything else. Though she does tend to mix up the sides. I've been very tempted to try the pot pies. Every time I see someone else order one they always look so good. But ordering that would mean I miss out on my egg salad.

Okay so all this talk of sandwiches, soups and salads skips over the whole second half of Mrs. Jones Cafe, the Cheesecake Co. part. We've been going to Mrs. Jones for about five years now and you know what? In all that time we never actually tried a piece of cheesecake. Every time we went in and got our Mrs. Jones special we always got a cookie at the end. They were damn good cookies. Sometimes we would save them for the kids but most of the time they got eaten right there. This changed a couple weeks back. The waitress pointed out the ability to upgrade the combo to include a piece of cheesecake. My wife and I debated it for maybe half a second and agreed. I ordered Pumpkin Spice cheesecake and my wife got Teramisu cheesecake.

OMG. Why did we wait five years to try this cheesecake? It was amazing. Really amazing. I never thought anything would top the cheesecake from Ye Olde Steak House but Mrs. Jones did, by far.

Mrs. Jones sells over 100 different kinds of cheesecake. Most of these are made to order but they also have a display set up with a wide variety of styles and types you can order right then and there. In addition to cheesecake they also do a bunch of other confectioneries: cookies, cake pops, muffins etc. Seriously though, skip all that and just get some cheesecake. Don't make the mistake we did and settle for cookies for far too long.

The one thing I haven't mentioned yet is price. This is mainly due to my bad memory and failure to find a menu online. The one thing I know for a fact though is that Mrs. Jones is extremely reasonable. Especially for the quality of food you get. I think the Mrs. Jones special is just under $8 (before cheesecake upgrade) and I think our bill last time we were there was about $28 for the wife and I (and we both did the upgrade). I apologize for not having better numbers on me. I'll try to come back and update this post when we go back there next time.

So overall this little place in Olde Riverside shouldn't be overlooked. It's a fantastic cafe with amazing comfort food and even better cheesecake. The only complaint I have is that it's so small it's sometimes hard to actually get a table.

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