Friday, February 2, 2018

A #FoodPornFriday post that's close to home

If you've been reading my #FoodPornFriday posts for a while now you have probably noticed a lot of breakfast pictures. There's a logical reason for this; we eat out for breakfast more often than any other meal. Part of the reason why this is, is the fact that breakfast tends to be significantly cheaper than any other meal. Another part of it is that I love starting the day with nice big breakfast. If I've got "the blows" when I'm getting back into the van at the start of the day, then it's a good day. 

Due to this, I'm always on the lookout for new places to go for breakfast. Personally, I'm a fan of traditional breakfasts. Give me a plate of bacon, eggs, and potatoes and I'm happy. If not that then an omellette stuffed with as many kinds of meat as I can order and at least one type of cheese. Sometimes I will get that in some kind of bowl form. My wife, on the other hand, isn't actually a big egg fan. She's been known to order Salmon Benedict and ask them to hold the eggs. She likes lots of veggies, spinach, fruit and fish, particularly salmon, with her breakfast. 

What's awesome, is when I find somewhere that makes both of us happy. What's even better is when that place is within walking distance of home. We found both in Louis' Restaraunt

Louis' has been at 4728 Wyandotte St. E. for as long as I can remember. It's a tiny little place that looks like a greasy spoon that's been there forver. At least since the 70s (I looked it up, this place has been there as long as I've been alive). I first ate at Louis' when I was in High School (Brenna is just down the street) after a particularly difficult exam, when I just didn't feel like going home and facing my parents. I remember getting bacon and eggs and it was good. That's about it. 

We have lived in the Riverside area for over 10 years now and for some reason, we never went back to Louis'. It's the kind of place that for years has had an "All day breakfast special" sign in the window (with a price that has gone us slowly over the years). It's the kind of place you go to for bacon and eggs but not much else. So the kind of place I should love but my wife wouldn't like. Which is why it took us so long to go back.

If I remember correctly, what made us give Louis' another try was that we tried to go to Etta's but they were closed and we were on a time limit. Louis' was in the neighborhood. I do remember we weren't expecting much and boy, were we wrong. 

I don't know if Louis' was always amazing and had a lot more than good bacon and eggs, or if I just didn't know how good they have been all these years since high school. What I now know is that this place has amazing high-end breakfast at low-end prices. 

It ends up the Louis, the original owner sold the restaurant to his daughter; Voula, who owns and runs it to this day. My guess is that she's the one that added things like Gyro-Waffles, Banana Bread French Toast, and Hot Greek Omelettes to the menu. All the traditional stuff is still there as well. You can still go in and just get bacon and eggs, but I highly suggest you check out the daily specials, that's where the good stuff hides. Like the Eggplant Benedict, you can see pictured at the top of the page and that my wife loved. They don't just do breakfast either, Louis' serves a mix of greek and traditional diner food. They are only open for breakfast and lunch closing at 3pm every day. So despite the fact I badly want to try their Hot Hamburger for dinner, it's not an option. 

Besides a great menu with great prices the other thing you will find a Louis is friends. Sure they may not be friends yet, but once you are back once or twice they will feel like friends. The owner is one of the most forthright, open and genuinely friendly people I have ever met. After a couple visits you will walk in and it will feel like home. 

Pro Tip: This fits in with the friendly nature of the place. Don't be afraid to order items not on the menu. Especially if you had a special there and it's not listed when you go back. Sure some items may be truly limited time due to ingredient supply but I've found Voula is more than willing to make you anything you've had there before and sometimes even things you may have had somewhere else. My personal "secret menu" item is the Meatlover Omelette (pic up there on the right). 

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