Friday, February 9, 2018

#FoodPornFriday - my after gaming tradition

Windsor has a fantastic gaming community. In addition to my own Windsor Gaming Resource community, there are some fantastic local stores that are not only great to shop at but also to game at. Almost every Saturday there's an open gaming event at one of the two stores. Besides promoting these events I try to attend every one I can. 

So what does #FoodPornFriday have to do with gaming? Well, it's not the gaming, it's what I do after almost every gaming event. Before leaving the game store I pick up my cell phone and dial: 519-944-1122 (actually now I say "Okay Google Call Pizza" as I've got the number saved as a favorite). After getting through, I order the same thing every time: A panzerotti with double cheese, pepperoni and Italian sausage. After packing up my gaming stuff, I drive to 2595 Jefferson Blvd. and walk into Windsor Pizza & Pasta House and pick up my dinner.

Windsor Pizza has been around a long time. They make some of the best Windsor Style Pizza you can get. They also make the best panzerotti in the city. They have two sizes, but they default to "Football Sized" if you don't specify. That's what you can see pictured above. You can get it baked or fried. Of course, I prefer fried, Each panz comes with a side of meat sauce. 

So guess what my dinner plans for tomorrow after gaming are? 

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