Welcome to the Man Cave of Food Blogs

Welcome to Big Dude Likes Food! Just so you know what to expect, here's a bit of a warning: You won't find any pomp here. Don't come looking for gluten free. If you hit Ctrl-F and search for "Low Fat" expect 0 results. Vegans probably want to find a different blog to read. 

What you are going to find here is a big dude who digs his food. You are going to find meat and potatoes, thick rich sauces and large portions. Here everything is better with more cheese. You will find down to earth honest reviews. You will find a mess in the kitchen.

My attitude towards food and blogging.

Big Dude Loves Food is a collection of my thoughts and experiences with food. Most of the content is and will continue to be my honest opinion about local area restaurants. Note I'm not afraid to call it like it is, so not everything you see will be rainbows and unicorns. This blog started with a bad experience and I feel they are just as worth sharing as the great ones. Now I don't have any culinary experience or training, so these are the experiences of an average Joe looking for better than average food. 

In addition to local restaurant experiences and reviews I will be sharing my, often humorous, amateur experiences at home in the Kitchen. I've gone most of my life with only the ability to cook a mean plate of scrambled eggs and my Mom's meatloaf. This is something I've decided to change. In addition I want to try to help my wife out more often taking care of at least one dinner a week. 

So who is this Big Dude who Likes Food?

My name is Maurice Tousignant but you can call me Moe. Most people around town know me as "that big guy with the pony tail who's really into gaming" There's a good reason for this. I've been actively trying to promote and build the local hobby gaming community since the 90s. Most of this has been under the guise of The Windsor Gaming Resource or WGR. Through the WGR I encourage local area gamers to get out and come together and meet other local gamers and do what we all love doing best, game. I organize and host a wide variety of gaming events including free open gaming events, tournaments, game demos, playtests and more. 

So where does a food blog fit into this? Well you can blame my wife for that one. She's this big time Mommy Blogger; Maple Leaf Mommy who is a stay at home mom who uses her blog to both stay in contact with other parents and to help supplement my middle management income. She claims I have a very distinct writing style that people dig and thought I should put that to use. In addition I was already taking all these pictures of my food all the time and posting stuff on Facebook or Google plus and she indicated that an actual blog would be a logical progression. So I went for it. So far the feedback I've received has been overwhelmingly positive so I've decided to keep it up.

How can I get in touch with you?

Well besides replying to blog posts here you can reach me via email at: bigdudefood@gmail.com 
You can find me on twitter: @BigDudeFoodMoe
I've got a Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/BigDudeLikesFood?
You can find Big Dude Likes food on G+ here: Big Dude Likes Food G+ Page
You can also find my person G+ page here: Moe Tousignant


  1. Hi Moe
    Have you tried the Walkerville Eatery? They have wood fired personal pizzas and sliders. Not sure why it is called a person pizza; it has a thin crust but is 12" diameter. There is also a S'mores dessert pizza - same size.
    My friend had Mama's Meatloaf slider, with seasoned meatloaf, cheddar, crispy onions and spicy (NOT) ketchup and Crispy Duck pizza with crispy duck, onions and hoisin sauce. She loved both.
    I had Caribbean Catch slider with coconut fried shrimp with a salsa that was supposed to have Scotch Bonnets with the fresh pineapple and mango. I did not detect any heat but it was delicious. Pop Eye pizza had spinach, mushrooms and anchovies. I was overwhelmed by the anchovies. I would order it again but ask for the tiny fillets to be minced and only half the amount. Both of us took half a pizza home.
    The restaurant prides itself on using local foods - slider buns are from Blaks. There are a few sides, a special slider every day in addition to the 11 standards and the option to build your own pie if none of the nine on the menu suits you.
    There is an alcove near the entrance that can be reserved. There is a fire place, a huge wooden chandelier and a funky table.
    There is a band Saturday evening and 2 for 1 pizza on Monday.
    I also subscribe to your wife's blog although I did not know about the relationship.

    1. Actually not yet. We used to go there a lot when it was Big Tony's but haven't been back since they re-opened with new owners. It's on my list just haven't gotten around to it.

      Cool that you follow Deanna. She's better at this stuff than I am :D