Friday, May 13, 2016

#FoodPornFriday featuring Yami Sushi

Today's #FoodPornFriday is also a #FishFriday post, sorta. #FishFriday is not my thing at all. In general I can't stand fish. You can convince me to eat a tuna sandwich now and then but that's about it. For some reason though I love sushi. I don't get it. There's quite a bit in most sushi I don't like and it's not just the fish. I don't like cucumber, avocado or crab. But for some reason when you put that all together with some sticky rice I'm in heaven.

This fantastic looking Sushi boat comes from Yami Sushi located at 1459 Ottawa St. We've only gone the one time and the food was decent. All of their sushi is ala carte, no all you can eat for $20, which personally I think is a good thing. In addition to sushi you can also get a variety of Korean dishes. 

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