Sunday, May 29, 2016

Route 42 has us coming back for more

It was a rough week. Rough enough that I just realized Sunday morning that I missed #FoodPornFriday. Sorry about that. To make up for it have this amazing Shepherd's Pie from Route 42 Diner.

I did up a full review of Route 42 back in 2013. You can check it out here. Back then it was my first time there and we loved it. I'm happy to report we have been back many times and we still love it. I also find it amusing that my wife and I still order pretty much the same thing. I'm still loving the Shepherd's Pie and my wife still gets The Yellow Burger every time we go. The one addition is that my wife always gets some of their Pineapple Jam to go.

The one thing I do see that seems to have changed is free desert with every meal. I noted last time that I got to get piece of spice cake or rice pudding. It looks like those are no longer included. A bit of a shame but I have to admit I didn't even notice this change and would have totally forgotten about it if it wasn't for re-reading my old review for this post.

My parents love this place. The kids love it. We love it. Route 42 has become a local favourite of ours. Lastly: don't forget that order of mini donuts to go!

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