Friday, May 20, 2016

Have you tried Gyro Pizza from Roma's? #FoodPornFriday

This Friday's #FoodPornFriday post isn't being shared for the awesome picture, I'm sharing it because I think more people need to know this exists:

This is Gyro Pizza from Roma's Pizza in LaSalle. It is one of the most amazing tasting things out there that I think everyone needs to try it at least once. Take a Windsor style pizza but swap up the sauce and toppings for gyro ingredients. Instead of tomato based sauce, they use Taziki. The cheese is your standard awesome Galati cheese. On top of that, they toss gyro meat, onion and tomato for a really unique pie. 

I used to work out on that end of town, out by the race track, and delivered gyro pizza from Roma's was a Saturday shift lunch favourite. Out of town guests, time to order some Roma's. Work has since re-located and I live in Riverside, but I'm still willing to take the long(ish) drive out to LaSalle just to get Roma's every couple of weeks.

You can try one of these unique pizza pies for $13 for a baby or go all out and throw a party with a King for $43. Roma's is located at 221 Front Road in LaSalle Ontario. They do dine in and delivery but, if you are in Windsor, they don't reach too far into the city. 

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